Thursday, June 6, 2019

Last posting of the year!

September 2018

May 2019

See how much we've grown!  Not only are we taller but there are more of us!  Thanks to all of our Ladybug families for bringing their children to us.  We're so glad you did!

The Art of Blowing Bubbles

It takes a lot of concentration . . .
you have to try and try again . . .

Try again!
Even the big kids like bubbles.
The Talent Show was great,
the kids wore the shirts they dyed and performed a song
and a dance.
We're still loving bubbles!  This week we invited the big kids to come blow bubbles with us.  We showed them how to blow a bubble in a bubble (our record is 3 bubbles inside each other) and try out our giant bubble blowers.  The sun was shining and it was a perfect morning!

Friday, May 31, 2019


Our new unit of study-bubbles! 

There is nothing more fun than bubbles.
Success!  A bubble in a bubble! 

Sometimes they just get away from you!

What can you tell me about bubbles?  We all know they are fun but what is the science behind them? Did you know they are composed of layers of soap, water and air?  If you dip your finger in bubble solution then you can poke your bubble without popping it.  Ask your student to tell you all about them.  Today the kids experimented with bubbles.  It was fun, messy, wet and scream inducing and I have the cleanest tables in the school.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

All in a day's work. . . .

The day started with a walk down the street to watch the workers
use a crane to install new street lights.  While we were there, 4
garbage truck drivers waved to us.  It was a good start to the
Then the mentors joined us in building mazes for the hexbugs. 

There was a variety of designs, some even had
2 levels.
If you measured success of a project by how
many screams you heard, then this one was a winner.
The kids have been working on reading skills by
building sentences.  This one is pretty witty! 
This one captures a sentiment near to our hearts!
No coaching involved.

Friday, May 17, 2019


Lots of excitement today as we released the butterflies in the garden.  We have been observing the butterflies since they arrived in our classroom as a set of 6 caterpillars.  The caterpillars grew larger, spun a crystallis and went through metamorphosis and became 6 Painted Lady butterflies.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Petting Zoo

There were goats, lambs and bunnies,
cows (very friendly cows),
and Patagonian maras.

There were even capybaras
and a yak!

The setting was a little unexpected but the animals were great!  We saw several animals that we had learned about in our recent studies of the rainforest and Australia.  The sand cats, sloths and kangaroos (in addition to all the other animals) were amazing to see and touch.

Friday, May 10, 2019

The creative process

The Ladybugs have started work on their
hardcover books.

Today, the Supernovas helped us
with our books.

They provided support and encouragement
as the kids figured out their stories, drew the pictures
and wrote the words.

It's a lot of work when you are 4 or 5.

These books are amazing with original stories.

They could be the new best sellers!

Last posting of the year!

September 2018 May 2019 See how much we've grown!  Not only are we taller but there are more of us!  Thanks to all of our L...