Saturday, September 30, 2017


It was Grandparent/Special Friends day this week,
we love it when we have visitors!
We are learning about apples, one of our activities was apple
 tasting.  This variety must have been a winner!
After the tasting we graphed our favorite variety.  The honeycrisp
apples won by a landslide!

Our Ladybugs are so kind to our class pet.  Sadie loves the
kids as much as they love her.
The mentors were back this week,
this time they were working on projects of their choice. 

Good times at school this week!  The kids are learning about apples-we tasted, graphed, baked, cut, painted, counted and patterned and that's just the first week!  More apple related work next week!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Engineering 101

Today was our first engineering challenge of the year.
The challenge:  design a maze to use with a hexbug.
We had some amazing designs!
The culmination of our study of houses and homes,
we built and decorated a graham cracker house.

The Ladybugs have been learning about homes and houses for people and animals.  We have found many different kinds of houses.  Our favorite home may have been the one made completely of glass in Japan or maybe the bird nest in Africa that completely covered a tree or it might have been the castle with the moat!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Dot Day!

Seabury  celebrated International Dot Day along with nearly 10 million other people in 169 countries around the world.  Every student in the school painted their own Dot Day shirt, participated in 8 dot art activities and ate a "dot" snack of donut holes and grapes.  It was a wonderful day of community, creativity and fun.  Thanks to our volunteers that came in to give us a hand.  Dot Day encourages a growth mindset and making repeated efforts until you master a new skill and teaches us that art is however you make it.  The mantra from Dot Day is "Make your mark and see where it takes you",  we think that's a pretty good approach to trying new things!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Art in the Ladybugs

Art when you are 4. . .
sometimes you need 2 hands . . .

and sometimes you need to see both sides . . .
a masterpiece!

- Lyndsey West

Bike Day!

A little mentoring...

a little math...

a little art...

a little more mentoring... (this time making helicopters that fly) 

and end it all with bike day!

Fun times in the Ladybugs!  Art, math, friends and bike day!  What more do you need?

- Lyndsey West

Friday, September 1, 2017

Welcome new Ladybugs!

We wasted no time getting started in the Ladybugs.
We love using geoboards to explore geometric shapes.

We had some time to get acquainted with new friends,
and play outside.

Our mentors made their first visit to class today,
they're helping us with patterning. 

The Ladybugs are off to a great start!  We're busy learning the routine and meeting new friends.  It's looking like a good year ahead!

- Lyndsey West

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