Friday, December 8, 2017

If we were designing a new Tacoma . . .

We used Skittles for this science observation,

what happens when you add warm water?

Turns out it makes something beautiful!

In our ideal city, we think a slide with bumps would be good,

and maybe a Great Wolf Lodge would fit in.

Every city needs a hotel,

and a train station.

You also need skyscrapers.
This week all of Seabury was tasked with designing a new Tacoma.  What would be important to include in a fun area of the city?  Toy stores, candy stores, zoos, slides, water parks and train stations.  Tacoma...we have plans for you!

Monday, December 4, 2017

A typical day in the Ladybugs!

There is always an opportunity for building in the Ladybugs.  On this occasion,
one of our mentors was building a farm with one of our Ladybugs.
When you're working in the home center, it's handy to have  an
order pad around in case one of your friends wants to place an order for lunch.
Math happens informally throughout the day but at least once a day,
math is more structured.  In this case we were using dice to make equations and solve them. 

We try to do at least one science experiment and observation every week.
In this case, the kids are learning about surface tension and how soap changes the surface
tension of milk.

The challenge for this time with our mentors:  build a structure using one 1"
cube as the base.
These activities are just part of what happens everyday in the Ladybugs.  Check out the Seabury website to see what else is offered everyday to our youngest learners.

Last posting of the year!

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