Saturday, April 28, 2018

Sunny days!

All we are missing on this scavenger hunt is
We went on the search for signs of spring
armed with a clipboard and a magnifying glass.
Mentor challenge:  design a road for a hexbug that
includes a bridge to go over or under.

This is how we learn French at Seabury, whole child learning
at its best.
Lunch at the fountain on a beautiful day.
New mentor challenge:  build a marble run that includes elevation,
a curve and ends in a container to catch the marbles.
It's been a full week for the Ladybugs! STEM challenges, theater visit, scavenger hunt and camels, rhinos and naked mole rats.  Don't you wish you were a Ladybug?

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Busy times in the Ladybugs!

One of our older Seabury students (who used to be
a Ladybug) put together a powerpoint on animals in Zimbabwe.
He did an excellent job of telling the Ladybugs about his observations
of these fascinating animals.

It takes this many kids to be as long as a crocodile!
This week's challenge: using craft sticks,
binder clips and clothespins; build a structure to
support weight.

We had some amazing structures.
With the promise of sun in the forecast, we planted seeds
on Friday afternoon!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Crepuscular ??

Today's challenge in mentoring:
you have 40 cups and 20 minutes to build the highest tower.

Challenge part 2:  combine your cups to make
a bigger structure.

The winning design used a circular base and ended up over 6
feet high.  The clean up was huge.
Crepuscular?  Our new word for the day.  It came up in our discussion of lions in Africa.  It means animals that are active at dawn and dusk.  We learn something new everyday.

Last posting of the year!

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