Saturday, January 26, 2019

Scientific Method

It all starts with a question.
It requires the appropriate equipment.

The question in this case, what are we looking at?

Is it similar to anything you are familiar with?

We generated lots of possibilities.

Further observation using more than just our eyes, is it soft or
rough?  Pebbly or like sand?

Crystals or a powder?

What happens when you add water?

Has it changed or does it look different?

Does it take up more space in the cup?

How does it feel? Hot or cold?

Could the property of evaporation . . . 

or absorption explain what happened?

The insta-snow powder absorbed the water
turning the powder into artificial snow.

 We love doing science experiments and explorations with the Bumblebees.  We put on our safety glasses, use the same precautions that scientists do (don't put it in your mouth), and start generating ideas.  What could it be?  How does it feel?  What does it look like?  Have you seen it before?  What is it similar to?  The children have so many ideas that I can hardly keep up with  the writing on the board.  The enthusiasm is amazing and the volume in the classroom amps up with new discovery.  What could this mysterious powder be?  After much discussion and many observations, it was revealed to be insta-snow.  

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